Paul van Geldrop

Composer | Eindhoven, Netherlands

As a composer, I have always found musical history and the lives of composers an interesting subject. The image of figures such as Bach and Beethoven that we are presented with these days are often classical iconography, which can make us forget that these people were human, worked for a living and lived lives with a history of their own.


Examining these lives and the development of their musical works throughout is something I find both educational and entertaining. So when Steve suggested the idea of starting a podcast about the lives and music of classical composers, I was more than happy to jump on board.

I work as an instrumental composer, focusing on cinematic orchestral soundtracks, and as a voice actor in both Dutch and English. You can find out more about me and my work on my website,

Steve Moretti

Author | Ottawa, Canada

I've always been fascinated with the lives of the great composers. It seems that timeless music is not created without great struggle.


I find the stories of these astounding composers more intriguing than any fictional narrative I could ever invent. Their lives usually provides the ultimate story arc.


Besides podcasting, I write novels and historical / cultural pieces on Medium. My novel series, Song for a Lost Kingdom focuses on a lost score and a cello with mystical powers that connect two women (composers) between the centuries.


You can read more about my work at


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